v1.26 Edit

  • “Hat-Trick” and “Where’s the Left Button” achievements now auto-awarded if they become impossible (also no longer hidden)

v1.25 Edit

  • Extinction speedrun now slightly challenging.
  • Gamble “listening” exploit now hard/impossible.
  • Gamble extreme bad luck buster for a more balanced “I’m risking everything” experience.
  • Removed the cat in the machine then reset game exploit. This one was actually pretty neat. A machine would still explode giving you -1 machines generating negative tangerines. Then you would get a tangerine cat generating postive tangerines giving you a huge headstart! Find a pre 1.25 version on the net if you want to try it out.
  • Other, boring bug fixes. I forgot what they were already.

v1.24 Edit

  • Fixed 1 million tangerine speedrun achievement
  • Stock market achievements no longer interfere with stock sale
  • Tell the player when their first multiverse breach is possible
  • Fixed “improved efficiency” perk bug
  • Fixed stray cat eye color
  • Added some new thoughtBox messages