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The 5-D Tangerine (God) is the 10th and last available building. Its cost is 7.777 e^10 tangerines to start. It'll generate TpS with only the first 5-D Tangerine (God) built, but more TpS can be added from more 5-Ds with Upgod, which will give it a total effect. These reverse the effect of the mutants and spawn more humans. This also unlocks the multiverse breach on the achievement screen.

It spawns 321 humans per 5-D Tangerine (God) every 1/10th of a second, so 3,210 humans a second per 5-D Tangerine (God).

10 gods = 32,100 humans/second

512 gods = 1,643,520 humans/second

It has one perk to make it increase its Tps, Upgod


It has 4 associated achievements:

1 God 7.777 e^10 Tangerines Total
20 Gods ? Tangerines Total
50 Gods ? Tangerines Total
100 Gods ? Tangerines Total